Sunday, March 6, 2011

Update on Raven feathers and rebar..

The raven feathers, having been carefully placed in a ziplock bag and put on a table on the porch with a fairly heavy candle holder on it, went missing during the night.  It is a matter of speculation as to whether a predator took them (i.e. hawk, bobcat, coyote,etc.) OR if raven brethren came to retrieve the remains after watching me gather them.  I am sure I will be watching the ground for that bag of feathers for the rest of my life.  So much for wearing a raven feather in my hat this summer!  Life is strange and mysterious out here in the wilderness.  I will update later ...

Update on the rebar tire threat:  The blue rebar is still there, in the middle of the road, clearly visible to those on foot.  I posted a sign about it on the corner where the road association has a bulletin board.  We shall see if anyone pulls it out or cuts it off..I signed the notice "Fireflygirl777" so we shall see if anyone is curious enough to do a search and possibly even find this blog. (doubtful)..

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