Wednesday, March 16, 2011

To Look Inside Yourself

                               To look inside yourself,
                             Stepping in cautiously,
                          And finding fewer problems
                          And more clarity than you thought:
                                    That is the beginning.

                          To look inside yourself,
                              Sweeping the cobwebs away,
                          Terrified of the spiders you'd find,
                          Finding none, and finding that the cobwebs
                          Weren't real-
                                     That is the beginning of freedom from fear.

                           To look inside yourself and find those you admire, trust
                                             and love,
                                      Are your special gurus,
                                      And you had them all along -
                                      That is the beginning of appreciation.

                             To look inside yourself
                             And find you are now doing
                             Many of the things you wanted to do before you die,
                             And you are changing what needs to be changed-

                               That is the beginning of self-knowledge.

                             To look inside yourself,
                             And find that you are not all that bad
                             And finally believing God will forgive your faults,
                                 If you can forgive yourself,
                             That is the beginning of self-love:

                                     AND THAT REALLY IS THE BEGINNING...


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