Friday, March 4, 2011

Ravens,rebar and fear..

As I try to do what I say I will do, I went out yesterday to paint the rebar that is sticking out of the road . First, however, I found a dead raven, mostly eaten, on the property.  I imagined the fear he must have had as he was being attacked.   These creatures are strong pirates of the wilderness, have sharp minds and sharp claws.  They are a part of the heritage here and are the largest songbird in North America.  They are not a dark spirit guide, but an intelligent listener, according to American Indian legend.  You are to expect frequent changes if a raven perches on your shoulder.  I gathered some of the silky feathers and continued on to paint the rebar.

Almost a mile down the road I encountered the road hazard I wrote of yesterday.  It was still there, reaching from beneath the dirt into the air to snag any unsuspecting tire or shoe.  Quickly I took out my blue spray paint, painted it and a circle around it to alert others to the danger.  I am unsure why I felt I had to paint it so quickly or so secretly when I was only trying to help.  Just that old fear of criticism, I suspect. 

I returned home and thought again about fear- I felt empathy for the raven's final fear and from the rebar that doing SOMETHING, ANYTHING  to solve a problem can relieve fear and/or anxiety.

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