Thursday, March 3, 2011

Release fear..release a firefly ...

Yesterday on my two mile walk I was focused on releasing fear.  Since fear is captive and fireflies are captive, at least in the jar, I focused on that release. 

I have always been caring for people ever since I was a child.  Life gave me still more to care for, both professionally and personally.  I always did the best I could, eventhough there were and are severe challenges.  Fear of not doing enough for everyone in my life has taken up a larger part of my thought process that I have admitted.  The person I have NOT taken the best care of is me.  I hope that is about to change.

Caring for others- I didn't stop there!  No!  While I walk I carefully watch the dirt road to see if there are any sharp metal objects that could cause a flat tire.  Invariably I find several a day and cast them to the side of the road to save my fellow travellers.  Yesterday I found a piece of rebar that is embedded in the middle of the road with about two inches sticking out at an angle.  This worries me.  So I have a plan.  I am going to paint the rebar red and hope someone with a crowbar will stop and take it out of the road.  My walking stick did not work for this job.

When I retuned home I felt less fearful as I had made a plan.  Making a plan, even a small plan, will help release the firefly of fear.  Tomorrow I hope to pose a picture of the painted rebar.  Or not.  Depending...Either way, it is a start.

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