Monday, March 7, 2011

Facing fears starts deep within

My  quest for letting go of fear will be an ongoing one, however, this week's walks have helped me "let go" of some of it, at least for now.  It is interesting how a 2 mile walk can change one's perspective.  You notice little details that you would not were you driving.  Thoughts alternate between a zen-like state and one with more clarity.  Small changes in the road, drama of animals and birds, and the plight we all have just to stay alive.  And another thing- no matter how little one will accomplish on any particular day, if you have been alone on that walk, you have done something really good for yourself.

It has been since January 2011 that I have been walking this way.  Walking at work didn't count (one of the worst injustices of all time).  And now, this week, having focused on letting go of fear, my fears of a lifetime have starting surfacing in dreams.  It was not a bad dream, just a dream that showed the fears in their proper context of what they really are. In the dream I worked through each scenario  from the past and was comforting others in the way that I had  needed to be comforted.  It was interesting...I feel lighter today, and not from walking. 

When I can get a picture of the encaustic painting I did called "Let Go" I will post it.  Letting go has to be the most difficult thing in life.  It is our nature to hang on and the thought of letting go terrifies - how can we control it if we have let it go, out of our reach?

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