Saturday, March 19, 2011

Let Go- Encaustic Collage Painting

      Awhile ago I promised to add my encaustic collage painting entitled, "Let Go."   It was therapeutic for me, but I have not yet been able to "leg go" completely.  I will be working on letting go for some time, I think!   I actually made two of these and have them both displayed at home.  I should mention the substrate (what it is painted on) is Ampersand clayboard and the size is 8" x 8".

      Encaustic paint is made with beeswax and a resin and will last forever if cared for properly.  The first wording on the piece is in wire letters ("Let Go"), and the wording on the little boy says: "fear, doubt, guilt, control."  The moon and trees are from a photo I took of our tree when the moon was especially pretty.

      By the way, the moon is supposed to be the largest ever at SUNSET TODAY!

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