Monday, April 4, 2011

Young People Love My Firefly Necklaces...

It continues to happen:  Young girls like my firefly necklaces.  Today I noticed a 13 year old favorited several of my firefly vial necklaces on Etsy.  It warms my heart because the young connect with what I am doing.  Maybe one has to be young at heart to appreciate the spirit and love and magic that go into the firefly necklaces!  The young girls and women relate to pure spirit and love...and to the earth and the beauty of the earth and the creatures in it. 

So today is a wonderful day for me:  To get that reassurance once again that I really am on the right track.  I would love it if I could reach more of the demographic that loves my work, though.  It seems elusive, but I will keep trying.

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